No Pen Mural, Everyone Can Be A Painter

   At present, there was a new novel product - "no pen mural" released in the Chinese market. You do not need a pen, nor need any painting skills and are able to finish it within 2 hours.

     At the moment, you will be thinking what’s the meaning of “No pen mural”?

   No pen mural, the meaning of a China's first, the world's pioneer wall decoration products, whose users can freely DIY, and the whole family to participate in a magical one. The principle is the pattern carved in a special type of rubber hot oxygen special type of film, and then stick to the wall, cut out the pattern, and finally to paint the color for pattern.

   Compared with hand-made painted with thousands of dollars, longer time to construction or painting. It cost only tens of dollars for no pen muralwhose patterns is clearer than hand-made wall painting,and it looks like a real photos when you see it closely.

   No pen mural changed the traditional home decoration of the construction process with noise, waste and heavy pollution.But for our no pen mural’s painting entire process  which is out of noise, pollution, formaldehyde and other odor-free, environmentally friendly and sanitary.Maybe it will become the future tooling and background Decorative new trends.




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