Ifun Home Theater ---Enjoy Cinema Movies At Home

Nowadays, people’s lives are getting more and more colorful, so the home automation is definitely the trend.

Now , one of the most amusement for people is going to the cinema. But it do takes time and money to achieve it . We all know it’s great time to watch movies but it won’t be enjoyable to spend time waiting for amazing new movies at cinema and takes time.

But what if we make our home a cinema ? Have you ever think about that ?

Now there is a genius new electronic product that can make it the reality ----the ifun Home Theater , with an HD 1080p resolution and 4K video support, horizontal and vertical keystone correction and build-in audio system with silent heat dissipation.

You don’t need to buy expensive traditional home audio and video equipment, but with 1/3 price of your iphone you can buy this device and make your home a real cinema. This product is not just a projector , but a kind of multi-role  smart home automation device . Hold your breath, let’s see how magic it is.

the movie projector : there are countless movies and TV plays online. You don’t need to book your cinema tickets and rush to get to the movies. You can enjoy this at your home ling in your comfortable sofa or bed to enjoy the huge screen, you can also have your friends in your house to have a party.  The real effect is no worse than the movie theater.

2 office projection: as a palm size , so you can take it to any where you want conveniently. You can make it a moving office projector ,and display your files to your customers and make the deal.

3 outdoors cool equipment:  you can charge your device in advance, and take it to the beach and the grass land and have an outdoor movie. There is no doubt , where you are , where the focus would be. This gonna be one of the coolest electronics.

4 Display your phone screen: Whatever you display on your phone , it can be displayed on the unique pocket cinema through bluetooth at the same time . Musics , movies ,TV shows .... whatever it is , there is gonna be a fest of both sound and vision.

5 the TV function:  there is no need to buy TV , it can definitely replace the TV . You can down load as many apps as you want. You can download the app of TV live, then you can enjoy your giant TV shows with perfect sound effects.

It’s not an accident but the outcome of the hard working of the household, unique household company which has a technical R&d team of over 80 members. They have been worked on this product for more than 3 years .  Now they are looking for the international distributors and exclusive agents all over the world. With the most affordable price and the most striking effect , I do think it will be a great chance for your business. if you are interested , you can take a look at their product website:www.nicenovelty.comand email to :sales@uniquenice.com.



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