No Pen Mural News —— Kids DIY Painting

If you've ever heard about no pen mural, you must know that no pen mural is a creative product for wall painting. Even though you don't have any painting skills, you can still paint a wall fast and easy within 2 hours.

It's a great activity for kids at kindergardens that they can paint exquisite patterns by themselves. It's a free activity held by no pen mural in native market China.

For kids who are still 2-6 years old, it's a special period to practice their action capability and interest for painting. No pen mural company give away small cute patterns and pigment for them to feel the special way for painting. The kids were so excited and enjoyed painting patterns like peppa pig, leaves, moon,and so on. They like this way for painting and love these patterns. All the teachers were also excited about this activity and said that they learned a lot about the creative ways for painting and would love to have more chances to attend no pen mural activities.

Kids DIY painting is necessary even though they are still at young age. No pen mural would love to hold these kinds of activities freely to give best service to society. They have perfect service team and are trying to do better and better to contribute best product and best service to the world.

Now they are looking for distributors worldwide, if you have ineterest to join them, just take a visit to their website .



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